Stonebrook Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that provides financial guidance, investment management, and retirement planning services to individuals, families, corporate executives, medical professionals, business owners, and retirees. Stonebrook utilizes LPL Financial (member FINRA/SIPC) as its custodian. We work with a geographically dispersed clientele across the nation and have offices in New York and South Florida.


Our Name

The Stonebrook name is derived from the words stone meaning strong and brook meaning stream. We are dedicated to helping you build a strong retirement income stream.


Our Mission

We strive to simplify your financial life and provide you with confidence on your journey to financial independence.


Our Process

We begin with taking the time to get to know you. We then design, implement, and monitor customized investment strategies that are tailored to your specific needs.

Products & Services

Stonebrook has access to a wide array of products and services to help grow and preserve our clients’ assets.

As an independent wealth management firm utilizing LPL Financial as our broker/dealer and custodian, Stonebrook offers objective financial advice and guidance. We do not sell any proprietary products or have any sales goals. We work with many of the world’s largest and most respected asset managers and have access to world-class market research by leading investment banks and analysts. We offer products and services in the following categories:


Joe Mazzucco |
Have you ever wondered how estate planning might fit into your overall, future plans? Even if you are just starting to build your estate and do not need complex estate planning, here’s a quick look at some steps you should consider taking in order to help prepare your family and to manage potential expenses in the event of your death. 1. Draft a Will. A formal, legal document directing the settlement of your estate provides...
Joe Mazzucco |
And just like that, the calendar turned to October and volatility picked up in a big way, with three consecutive 1% moves for the S&P 500 Index to start the month. As we noted in our October preview, this month gets a bad rap for being a bearish month (it isn’t), but it absolutely owns the title as the most volatile month. It took nearly a full year, but the S&P 500 finally had its...
When the markets are shaky, it can be tempting to rely on political headlines or pending legislation to time your entry or exit points. However, letting politics drive your investment decisions can be a costly mistake. Learn more about what helps market trends endure beyond political administrations and why you should ignore the noise and focus on your investment fundamentals. Politics' Long-Term Impact (or Lack Thereof) on Markets How much do political decisions really impact...